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Lifting and Moving Solutions

The Original – in Highest Quality. On the Market for more than 45 Years. Worldwide.

Toe jacks

GKS-PERFEKT hydraulic toe jacks meet the highest quality standards. For decades our equipment has proven to be exceptionally robust and durable. Our jacks are 100% tested and approved before leaving the factory to assure proper functionality and appearance. The customer receives a ready to use, practical device for multi-purpose applications at any given site.

rulliere carrelli di trasporto fino a 120 tonnellate: trasporto di carichi pesanti in sicurezza

Transport trolleys

Our worldwide approved transport trolleys solving your in-house heavy load standards - safe and perfect! Series F and L – the perfect 3-point moving solution for safe and simple transport. F trolleys – the rear axle of the load moving system with adjustable connecting bar to fit under heavy loads of almost any width. L trolleys – the front steering support with swivel top and tow eye to guide your loads safely. Wheels - special GKS wheels, that do not mark floors. Low rolling resistance and highest stability for numerous uses.

carrelli girevoli: carichi pesanti saldamente fisastti e facili da orientare

Rotating trolleys

GKS-PERFEKT rotating trolleys are available for loads from 1 t to 6 t. The special bearings in our rotating trolleys allow easy moving and rotating 360° around its own axis. Use a set of 3 or 4 rotating trolleys or even more simultaneously, depending on the machine's support points, load distribution and floor conditions. Depending on the situation a combination of rotating trolleys with L / F / TL trolleys is possible.

Electric pusher

This device was developed by professionals in handling machinery and fittings and has undergone rigorous testing for more than 3 years. It can be used in place of a forklift truck for towing and push trolleys passive and can handle loads up to a maximum of 30 tons of industrial floors floors, such as concrete pavements, industrial floors or asphalt.


complete and fully complemented range of products for safe lifting and effortless moving of heavy loads

Over 40 years the name GKS-PERFEKT has stood for a complete and fully complemented range of products for safe lifting and effortless moving of heavy loads. Worldwide our hydraulic jacks and transport trolleys are solving problems of various magnitudes where heavy loads have to be moved on company premises.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard our manufacturing process calls.

As accredited company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard our manufacturing process calls on state-of-the-art production methods thus enabling us to achieve a constantly high quality standard. Every single jacks passes through a sequences of tests before it is delivered and it is supplied with a test report and label indicating the date for its next inspection.


customer orientation and expert advice - service and warranty

You get a perfect GKS-PERFEKT solution for your different applications. Very fast and professional. From our standard product range or as a customised solution for heavy oads up to 200 tons. If you need spare parts, maintenance or repair service – you get always a fast and the best service. We have a warranty of 24 months on our products in consideration of our general terms.

Lifting and Moving Solutions

Hydraulic Toe Jacks
Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Meet the highest quality standards.

Hydraulic hand and electric pumps
Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic hand and electric pumps

rulliere carrelli trasporto fino a 120 tonnellate
Transport Trolleys

Up to 120 ton



Tandem for heavy loads up to 12 t

For heavy loads up to 12 t

Rotating Trolleys: Easy moving and rotating.
Rotating Trolleys

Easy moving and rotating.

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