gks-perfekt: sistemi di sollevamento e trasportosistemi di sollevamento e trasporto

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Hydraulic jacks GKS-Perfekt - Models V10 e V10K

sollevatori idraulici gks-perfekt modelli V10K per carichi pesanti fino a 10 tonnellate
sollevatori idraulici gks-perfekt modelli V10K per carichi pesanti fino a 10 tonnellate

3-year warranty on the tooth lifting cast!

  • Forged safety toe, made of high-strength, hardened and tempered material
  • Forging yields a very high safety margin
  • A peg on the back secures correct insertion
  • Facile manutenzione
Using the hand pump PV with 2 jacks or electric pump PE with 4 jacks allows the doubling/ quadrupling of the load capacity (see details on page 10).

technical features

Technical data V 10 V 10K
Item number 10182 12811
Full load capacity 100 kN (10 t) 100 kN (10 t)
Working pressure 520 bar 520 bar
Minimum loading height using safety toe 20 mm 20 mm
Lifting height 160 mm 130 mm
Adjustable range of safety toe 4 x 4 x
Loading height using top plate 310 mm 250 mm
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 339 x 237 x 310 mm 339 x 237 x 250 mm
Tare weight incl. oil fi ll 32 kg 28 kg





1) Our improved safety toe/one-hand operation
2) Adjustable range of safety toe
3) Stable swivel feet
4) Full load capacity on the top plate
5) Sealed quick release connectors for external hydr.

Easy rolling

Easy rolling of the jack through upend


6) Safety valve/overload protection in hydr. unit
7) Precision guideways between slider and housing
8) Pump lever
9) Lowering screw for precision lowering of heavy loads
10) Pump lever can be swivelled through 180°

Model V10K: for low cars

Modello V 10 K: per macchine basse

Sollevatori bassi V10K

Stable structure, tooth lifting casting, low height, Fast Drip

where are we

Viale Europa 7/9
36045 Gambellara, Vicenza, Italy.

Telefono: +39 0444 440412

Fax: +39 0444 440415 / 448385

E-mail: info@gks-perfekt.it

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