sistema di trasporto telecomandati ROBOT

Remote Operated Battery Operated Transport modules

ROBOT 10 / 20 / 40

The Remote Operated Transport modules ROBOT 10 / 20 / 40 are used for on-site heavy transports of up to 40 tons or for assembly logistics and can be moved autonomously.

The built-in Lithium-Polymer batteries make operating times of up to 240 minutes possible. The ROBOT is designed for simultaneous steering and driving. The ROBOT is delivered ready-to-use and does not require external power sources. Our well-proven 3-point supports, consisting of the L-ROBOT and the F trolley as the “rear axle”, facilitate the effortless transport of loads with just the push of a button.

We are happy to demonstrate our ROBOT models either in our factory here or on-site at your facility anywhere in Europe. These transport modules can be built to your specification including with platforms, for cleanroom equipment, etc. We can solve any transport challenge. We enjoy a good challenge!

Roboto 10

For heavy loads up to 10 tons.

Roboto 20

For heavy loads up to 20 tons.

Roboto 40

For heavy loads up to 40 tons.


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