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Rotating Trolleys RL

Available for loads from 1 to 12 tons

GKS-PERFEKT rotating trolleys are available for loads from 1 to 12 tons. Special bearings in our rotating trolleys allows easy moving and rotating 360° in place on its
own axis. There is the ability to use three or four rotating trolleys simultaneously.

A combination of trolleys L / F / TL is possible, depending on the situation. Available for delivery with connecting bar and steering rod.
Rotating Trolleys RL2, Rotating Trolleys for heavy loads up to 1 ton

Rotating Trolleys RL1

For heavy loads up to 1 ton

Rotating Trolleys RL2

For heavy loads up to 2 tons
rulliere sterzanti 360 gradi, carrelli di trasporto girevoli a 360 gradi

Rotating Trolleys RL4

For heavy loads up to 4 tons

Rotating Trolleys RL6

For heavy loads up to 6 tons

Rotating Trolleys RL8

For heavy loads up to 8 tons

Rotating Trolleys RL12

For heavy loads up to 12 tons


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