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Hydraulic jacks GKS-Perfekt - Model V5 EX, V10 EX, V30 EX

Hydraulic jacks GKS-Perfekt - Model V5 EX
Hydraulic jacks GKS-Perfekt - Model V10 EX
Hydraulic jacks GKS-Perfekt - Model V30 EX
  • For loads difficult to access and where a distance for safety reasons is required
  • Up to two hydraulic jacks can be operated with the hand pump PV or up to four jacks with the electric pump PE. More details on pumps on page 10 ff.
  • V5K-EX: low-rise toe jack with fixed toe on both sides

technical features

Technical data V5-EX V30-EX V10-EX
Item number 10185 11140 10187
Full load capacity 50 kN (5 t) 300 kN (30 t) 100 kN (10 t)
Working pressure 520 bar 430 bar 520 bar
Minimum loading height using safety toe 15 mm 40 mm 20 mm
Lifting height 140 mm 156 mm 160 mm
Adjustable range of safety toe 3 x 2 x 4 x
Loading height using top plate 252 mm 330 mm 160 mm
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 227 x 212 x 252 mm 454 x 400 x 330 mm 280 x 240 x 310 mm
Tare weight incl. oil fi ll 17 kg 105 kg 27 kg


sollevatore idraulico con pompa idraulica manuale

Possibility of use

Type V10-EX with hydraulic hand pump

Forged safety toe

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