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Hydraulic Hand Pump PV

pompe idrauliche manuali modello PV

Hydraulic Hand Pump PV

  • Standard configuration: with 2 x 6.6“ (2m) hydraulic hoses with non-drip quick-release fastener
  • Options: Gauges, shut-off valve, extended hydraulic hoses

Technical data

Technical data PV
Item number 10198
Working pressure 520 bar
Flow rate stage 1 42 cm3/30 bar
Flow rate stage 2 2,6 cm3/520 bar
Tank capacity 2,25 ltr
Hose 2m, quick-release fastener 2
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 465 x 143 x 175 mm
Tare weight in kg with oil (without hoses) 12 kg
For use with gks toe jacks 2 x V5, V5-EX, V5K-EX, V10, V10-EX, V15, V20, 1 x V30-EX*
*Working pressure 430 bar


Le pompe manuali ed elettriche si possono applicare ai sollevatori idraulici GKS-PERFEKT

Possibility use

Hand pumps and electric can be applied to hydraulic lifts GKS-PERFEKT.

Applicazione della pompa manuale collegata ad un dispositivo di sollevamento idraulico

Use with devices GKS

Application of the hand pump connected to a hydraulic lifting device.

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