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nuova tecnica trasporti su scale: soluzioni innovative per il trasporto

Nuova Tecnica Trasporti su Scale: handling solutions.

Since 1982 Nuova Tecnica provides the best equipment in Material Handling Solutions. Our mission is to minimizing the fatigue and maximizing efficiency and productivity. Nuova Tecnica is ISO 9001 Certified Company.



    1982: Dino Zoff lifts the World Cup in Madrid; New technology starts to lift weights on the scales. A history of expertise in selling stairclimbers that has always focused on innovation, to free from fatigue transport stairs. At the time the goods to be transported were much more bulky and heavy (think of a copier then compared to now, or to a computer of the 80s than a very compact today), and so the initial logo represented the Cat delle Scale, which with its agility could extricate himself from any difficulty.

Lifting systems

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Viale Europa 7/9
36045 Gambellara, Vicenza, Italy.

Telefono: +39 0444 440412

Fax: +39 0444 440415 / 448385

E-mail: info@gks-perfekt.it

Lifting and transport machinery

Who looks up, the tip of New Technology.
Innovative solutions for any type of transport !

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