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Rotating Trolleys RL4 RL6 GKS-Perfekt up to 6 ton

carrelli girevoli per carichi pesanti fino a 6 tonnellate
Carrelli girevoli RL 6: i carichi pesanti saldamente fissati possono essere orientati in qualsiasi direzione

Heavy loads oriented in any direction

Rotating trolleys can be combined with F or Tandem TL trolleys with same loading height.

Technical features

Technical data RL4 RL6
Item number 10240 13439
Number of wheels/dimensions 5 / 85 x 85 mm 5 / 85 x 85 mm
Loading height 110 mm 118 mm
Bearing surface with non-slip rubber mat embossed ø 250 mm ø 250 mm
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 760 x 560 x 110 mm 760 x 560 x 118 mm
Tare weight 50 kg 60 kg
Load capacity 40 kN (4 t) 60 kN (6 t)


Tipo RL2 con barra di guida incluso anello traino


Type RL2 with guide bar including towing ring.

distribuzione del carico sui carrelli girevoli

Load distribution

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