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Transport Trolley F6/L6

carrelli trasporto gks-perfekt modelli F/L6 per carichi pesanti fino a 12 tonnellate

Series F + L for easy and safe transport

  • Our standard transport trolleys F/L3 up to F/L18 for heavy loads from 6 t up to 36 t.
  • Extremely low loading height
  • All transport trolleys from F/L 3 to F/L 18 are interchangeable due to
    identical loading height

technical features

Technical data F6 L6
Item number 10208 10209
Loading height/no. of wheels (85 x 85 mm) 110 mm / 8 110 mm / 8
Contact surface per cassette 200 x 220 mm -
Connecting rod, adjustable 640-1030 mm -
Swivel plate Ø - ±90°
Steering rod - 1080 mm
Overall dimensions (L x W)- 610 x 520 mm
Tare weight 30 kg 41 kg
Load capacity 60 kN (6 t) 60 kN (6 t)
Total load capacity F6+L6 120 kN (12 t) 120 kN (12 t)


distribuzione del carico per le rulliere FL3 e FL6

Load distribution in roller

Load distribution for models of roller FL3 and FL6

Spingitore elettrico motorizzato

Electric pusher

It can be used in place of a forklift truck for towing and push trolleys passive and can handle loads up to a maximum of 30 tons of industrial floors floors, such as concrete pavements, industrial floors or asphalt.

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